Designing of a Wonderful Web Banner

Web Banners are a kind of advertisements of products and services over the Internet. They often use animation, audio or video to attract the traffic. The link is displayed as a box containing graphics and sometimes animation and this link takes a viewer to an advertiser’s website.

These banner advertisements allure potential customers to a marketer’s 먹튀폴리스 website. It enables an advertiser to promote his company whenever a person reaches on a particular web page. You are able to selectively choose web sites that reach your best prospects. The results are also traceable by tracking the number of clicks, the number of views and the sites that bring the best results. In order to design an effective banner advertisement there are few simple steps that one should follow.

The text used in the advertisement should be crisp and fresh. It should arouse curiosity in the mind of a person to click on the link and to know more about the products and services of the company. The use of colors is essential as the colors make the text appear vibrant. Keep colors exquisite and should strike a person’s eyes at a glance. The colors should not be too bright, as this will distract the viewer.

A designer should have thorough knowledge of the psychology of a company’s potential customers. He should know the most preferred colors by the prospective clients. The shade of the banners should match the shade of the website. You can keep the colors of a web banner same as your website. Banners with flash animation are more eyes catching than the normal graphic advertisements.

Flash banners consume more time to download but they are the latest trends. When it comes to alluring the potential customers, they are able to entice the traffic as compared to the advertisements without flash. The size of advertisements also matters. A larger size advertisement can distract the attention of the viewer as it might prevent him to view the information that he wants. A standard size with a bold heading can draw the attention than any web banner design.

You can use the latest banner design software to design various banners with ease and in less time. Many such tools are available that can help you in the task and give information about the latest trends in banner designs.


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